Month: October 2005

  • Is Bob Dylan a Quaker?

    I am reading “Restless Pilgrim” a book about the spiritual jounrney of Bob Dylan. Its not a bad read at all, and its fun for me to just be reading something about Dylan. Anyways there was a quote I wanted to post, “I can see God in a daisy. I can see God at nigyht […]

  • quaker queries

    I just got a really nice email, from a lady who heard my message at the wedding, it was very kind and encouraging and further more she sent me a link to her our webpage that has some Quaker queries which are really amazing and useful for individual as well as coroporate worship. Thanks Lynda. […]

  • Great News

    Currently some really great things have been happening. First being home was great, I enjoyed having the time to be with my family and enjoy Steffanie and Silas’ wedding. Also the encouragement I received from those at the wedding about the message and how well it all went has reminded me of the power of […]