Month: October 2005

  • hurricane survival

    hurricane survival Originally uploaded by cwdaniels. Im sorry but Emily’s grandpa forwarded this to us and its down right midwestern. Hurricane Survival Kit Toilet paper…… check Bud Light………. check Keystone Ice……. check Budweiser………. check Red Dog………… check Misc. other bottles of alcohol………… check Piece of plywood to float your chick and booze on… check

  • 112977594458591741

    sorry for so many changes on my template – i am trying to master a bit of code to customize the best i can. I have been watching Kill Bill over the past couple days (both vol.) and I really like both films. I am considering how these movies portray the lives of the violent.…

  • everyday is getting faster

    my hot schwinn Originally uploaded by cwdaniels. everyday I ride my bike to and from work on a daily basis these days, it is a 5 mile trip to and fro. Now to be honest I ride the bike to the metro train in the mornings – that takes me all but about a mile…

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    sorry about that last post with born shoes, that’s really lame i actually wasn’t trying to advertise for them, I was showing students in class how to make a link on their blog and that was my example – i forgot to remove it.

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    here is a link that i like born shoes you should check it out