image driven drivers

art in HP
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my lovely in-laws are here this weekend and hanging out with the wife and i. its always fun having visitors, and lots of fun to have family out here. the weekend has been really relaxing and its been nice to just rest. well they bought me a nice digital camera for my upcoming birthday and so my good old gathering in light blog will be much more image driven. how nice to have pictures to help tell stories. today Dad and i walked around HP (highland park) the district of LA emily and i live in – as we walked around we just looked for fun pictures. here is a piece of a long painting on a whole buidling. HP has tons of great murals all over the place.

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  1. Just so you know, Brother, I am really excited to see where our Abba takes Emily and you in this next step of your journey. I know that Jenn and I would both enjoy staying in touch with both of you as you grow and explore this life He’s woven for you, full of sound and color and new experience.
    I’m still wasting too much time online at Xanga, should you ever care to peruse my attempts at brutal honesty. And, I’m still desperately trying to grasp where it is and what it is that He desire for me to pursue in this journey of schooling. If anything becomes clearer, I’ll let you know.