everyday is getting faster

my hot schwinn
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I ride my bike to and from work on a daily basis these days, it is a 5 mile trip to and fro. Now to be honest I ride the bike to the metro train in the mornings – that takes me all but about a mile from work. I do this so I don’t begin my workday like I just finished a workout. But I am pretty much riding home everyday. I love it. I was riding home today, at one point I began passing some really old car (going about 20 mph) and as soon as I did that car hit the gas and took off, and then a little bit later they turned right, just in front of me, waiting in LA driver fashion for the very last second to turn on their blinker. “Come on! I can’t help it my schwinn goes faster than you pinto.???

I love rocking out to my ipod on my schwinn; its so much more fun than listening to tunes in a car. I have no idea why but maybe it is the thrill of never knowing whether I am going to get run over by a car or not – quite a thrill. My old scrappy bike that I bought form craigslist for $75 is by far one of the coolest things I own, pus I am getting back into shape a little – especially after two years of a steady diet of reading, dim lights, and lots of coffee.

Oh yeah and we just got our security deposit back from our old landlord only 2.5 months late. He responded rather quickly after I posted the California law in my email to him the other day. It stated that he only has 21 days to get it back to us before he is in violation. It 21 days dude, not 90! It is amazing how many people will try and take advantage of you because you are either nice. Or they figure you are ignorant, I guess I fall under both. …..anyways – thanks to all my friends for being ready to go over to his house and well, stand there I guess, after all we are just a bunch of Quakers and Mennonites – but hey he didn’t know that.

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  1. […] I think this moment on the train is a moment that is worth remembering – its something I’ve been talking about for a long time saying things like, “we need to slow down and pay attention to each other.???  I even wrote a post back in the fall (I can’t find the post)  about riding the train and making sure I interacted with the people I ride with daily (and another about how fast I like to go).  And yet when that moment arises it slips out of my hands because of the speed at which I am going.  […]

  2. […] Since I normally love to write about my adventures in biking here in the city, I figured this post fits into that category. [Those of you with weak stomaches may wish to tune out at this time]  Thorn and I paid the price yesterday afternoon for a lady’s indecision; in fact we ate the back of a parked car going just under 25 mph for it.  “Sorry parked car guy, she drove off and left me to scrap myself off the ground, I didn’t leave my number.???  There was a little damage to the car’s rear lights, I had some of it in my knee.  Here is what happened.  As you can see in my picture to the left (I am the arrow) I was on my bike moving south throwing two lanes of traffic.  One car is parked on the right and a blue pick up is sitting in between both lanes waiting to merge.  I had plenty of clearance, if she would have stayed put and waited to move over (there was a car to her left that isn’t in the picture).  She grew impatient and decided to slowly roll forward and to see if someone else would let her in.  When she started to roll when I was no further than 10 feet behind her, she effectively closed the gap that I was going to move through between the parked car and her pickup.  I had to slam on my brakes, my bike fish-tailed and hit the parked car.  “Its alright ma, I’m only bleeding!???  The lady drove off.  I hobbled over to the curb blood running down my leg. […]

  3. […] When Darkness Meets Light I decided to ride my bike home from small group tonight because of how lovely it was outside and because I knew that the quietness would do me some good. We had a great talk this evening about what religious identity means, and if it means anything at all; I had lots to think about (I will touch on this soon). But as I rode my bike home, in the darkness (I had both my front and rear lights, and my helmet on mom!) I soaked in the beauty of a few simple things: the wind blowing in my face and across my ears, the sound of the gears shifting, and quietness of the streets I rode on. I felt as though I could have been riding on Market Ave or 8th street back in ol’ Canton. I thought about the easy of which I could switch gears to keep a steady pace, and how such a simple thing is such a marvelous and complex invention. I thought about how, in the middle of one of the busiest cities in America, there are moments of silence where the wind blowing against your ears is the only sound. I also thought about how I felt safer riding in the dark with my lights blinking like strobe-lights than I do in the day. […]