Month: October 2005

  • working out thoughts

    its hard for me to generate concise thoughts for the entries I am doing on It even kept me up last night thinking about what will I write about, what’s most important to do said what can be held off. I also know it is not my platform, this is my blog is where…

  • check me out on barclay press

    For the next two weeks I will be writing entries on Barclay Presses website come and see for yourself. My profile in case you needed something to read and here is the link to Barclay Presses homepage.

  • surprises

    emily made yesterday special for me. she ended up getting me the new Dylan 2 DVD disc documentary by martin Scorsese which I am really excited about. She also got me some rad new gadgets for my hot-rod schwinn. On top of that she let me know that she will be taking me to Santa…

  • so today i am reborn.

    recently a friend who had a visit from the local JW’s (Jehova Witnesses) who were trying their hardest to convert her. I have never had this happened to me so I was enjoyed hearing the story and I looked through the magazine/devotional teaching tool they brought for her to read a magazine called the watchtower.…

  • great pics from BDO

    here are some great pictures of my friends from Books Died On.