Month: September 2005

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    “the only way to survive war is to become war.” – rambo

  • Quaker project

    I have written 7 pages of my Quaker project. I have started it today and am now taking a quick break. The entire introduction takes up all I have written so far, but I guess for a 70 page paper an Introduction can be 7 pages…right? here is the intro paragraph. The Terrible danger of…

  • jobs and individual responsibility

    there are two parts to this entry (from two weeks prior to September 3, 2005 2:32:07 PM): a: I am as of tomorrow going to have a full-time job at Fuller, I will be the new textbook buyer at the bookstore where I have been working over the summer. I am really excited to have…

  • George Fox long

    George Fox long Originally uploaded by cwdaniels. My Boss was surprised how small and inconsequential the whole site looked, at first i agreed and then I thought, “that’s how Fox would have wanted it.”

  • Quaker sign concerning the gravesite

    Quaker sign concerning the gravesite Originally uploaded by cwdaniels.