This is an article from Free Lance Star quoting Hauerwas.

Hauerwas consistently draws large numbers of students to his classes. Earthy, gregarious, and often light-hearted, he is devoted to his students, returning their papers quickly, mentoring them into pastorates around the country, and relishing the mêlee of theological debate. Something of a cusser, he told Newsweek: “God is killing the church, and we goddamn well deserve it.” According to a friend, Hauerwas defended this low-grade blasphemy by saying, “At least I mention God’s name twice.”

I find some agreement with him on this. And I guess I always appreciate a little overstatement (when it comes from people I like).

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  2. Hi Wess, just a note to say I love Hauerwas. Well, I love the idea of him. I read “Resident Aliens,” which he co-wrote, and thought it was terrific. But I’ve never been able to crack the “Hauerwas Reader” I bought as follow-up. He’s good at making the grand declarations but I wonder if he’s not as good at bringing the flock together? I’d be interested to hear your take on him (and maybe the mainstream Fuller or EFI take?, I’m curious how he’d cross over).