Month: February 2005

  • Nouwen and Silence

    I read this morning. It is working on me and is true for me as well as for Nouwen. Lord I need to quiet myself. “Many people ask me to speak, but nobody as yet has invited me for silence. Still, I realize that the more I speak, the more I will need silence to…

  • 110747832958612634

    A comment i posted on some site who unfortunately is still caught in the patriarchial mode of antiquity. I am sorry that I am somewhat hot headed about this issue – but it is one of the major concerns i have for the church who continue to downgrade women’s callings, and value in the body…

  • a shot from the movie

    a shot from the movie Originally uploaded by cwdaniels. i could go for one of these right now! but it wouldn’t help my very distracted head. click on picture to the right to see more pictures from shoot.