Nouwen and Silence

I read this morning.
It is working on me and is true for me as well as for Nouwen.
Lord I need to quiet myself.

“Many people ask me to speak, but nobody as yet has invited me for silence. Still, I realize that the more I speak, the more I will need silence to remain faithful to what I say. People expect too much from speaking and too little from silence.”
~ Henry Nouwen The Genesee Diary p.134

I slept hard, I don’t really remember anything, i don’t even know if I moved. I am overcoming the anxiety i have had, I am trying to get it all under control.

I have a lot to learn about myself and how to be healthy. How to know where the limit is. I am possibly joining a small group of artists at fuller to work on some projects this is another thing I am excited about but want to make sure it is the right fit – make sure I am not doing to much.


Finally I learned today from my wife, why I became a Quaker. It is because of their sense of fashion. When I was showing her some pictures of the Beatles that I love and how cool the guys look,Grandma Death told me that George looked like a Quaker and that’s why I became one! I never looked at it that way. She is always so right about me….

Oh and for an explanation on our new names read the Lazlo files

One response to “Nouwen and Silence”

  1. i realize today that i need to quiet myself also. i have been in much anxiety as i search who i noisy nature is not when i speak, but in my thoughts.i think too much, and i find it hard to stop myself.i read some of nouwen’s books, but applying them seem to be too hard.

    a lot of being silent is needed, i guess.when i am, i am deeply grateful.