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Yesterday an Amtrak train crashed here in LA killing at least 5 people, Bush recently gave his second inaugural speech, the Tsunami happened in India killing 150,000 people just a few weeks ago, I finished my shooting my film last weekend, Matt Taflan and I shot a short monologue for his “Destination West” project, this weekend I am going to shoot a music video for Books Died On, and plan my 4 talks for Wyldlife weekend retreat coming up in a couple weekends. I am exhausted and need to run away. God right now i don’t feel like giving a talk let alone one that will save, right now I don’t feel like doing anymore school work, i feel like taking two weeks off, crawling under a rock and crying. God grant me mercy, and make my talks full of your power. Holy Spirit draw me closer. hold me under your shadow – as the world falls apart let there is one thing we can count on and that is your mercy.