Wallis on Bad Theology

emily and i are watching this special on Bush and his faith on PBS. I was so happy that Jim Wallis from Sojourners was on there, because there was at least one person there saying look people this is “bad theology.” There is no such thing as righteous war, there is no such thing as a righteous nation, or a nation that is God-ordained. We are in the post nationalist age, we are in the age of Christ’s mission, the body of Christ is the only thing that is ordained by God, and yet we know that we make many mistakes, but the one thing we have is our love of Christ to all people, the terrorists as well as the…southern baptists…

I like what the commentator said, “George Bush has commented that his faith has led his to make his decisions, when most of these decision reflect conservative christian agendas.” A holy empire? Constantinianism? We are moving toward a very danger place when we beging to rule moral by coercion. this is what constantinople did a thousand years ago when the empire killed hundreds of thousands because they would not convert…maybe that’s what america could do, maybe we should force everyone to do as we say! that sounds excatly like nothing Jesus ever came anywhere near suggesting.

One response to “Wallis on Bad Theology”

  1. How can you be so understanding here and so clueless on the other (evil H2 fantasy and environmental coercion) page?