God is not a Republican or a Democrat.

God is not a Republican…or a Democrat.

this is funny and also more true than we may want to admit.

at any rate my side of the story certainly isn’t hidden: I think we ought to be thinking hard about these issues and try and remove ourselves from previous ideologies, and even family and religious ties to political parties, and stop voting for people who they are Christians just because they say they are Christian (this is an advertising technique for politicians if you haven’t noticed) and vote for the person (man or woman, black, white, asian, hispanic, indian) who is least likely to blow up nations and try to make america the number one superpower in the world – or the number one Christian superpower in the world (which i think is worst – Constantinople anyone?). maybe we should try to be peacemakers and partners on earth, friends who care deeply about the problems that nations face and do real things to change their situations, as opposed to helping or hurting those who offer us something or pose threats to our numero uno status. All superpowers fall, that is a biblical fact and pretty obvious if you have read the OT. Let’s stop trying to be a superpower and start being peacemakers.

Help encourage a move from the falacy that all Christians must vote republican.
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2 responses to “God is not a Republican or a Democrat.”

  1. actually, some of the more rational voices in evangelicalism, such as Ben Witherington and gregory boyd are calling for the stop of politics in the pulpit. gregory boyd lost half of his “megachurch” for saying that issues like abortion and homosexuality were simply blinders to keep up from seeing real issues like poverty, class structure, etc.

    i always find it funny when americans say they are a christian country, with the assumption that therefore god is on OUR side in everything because our president happened to used the blood of jesus christ to win votes. if anything, i think this grieves the heart of god. we “the peacemakers” have years of damage to undo, but i think it is totally possible.